1MECTO offer a wide range of professional services in the field of trophy customization. We have a modern production unit, which we are constantly improving and modernizing. Our production possibilities make it possible to customize products made of plastic, metal, wood, stone, glass, acrylic, crystal, leather and textile. A trophy is unique only when it is personalized. With many years of experience in the trophy industry, our knowledge of awards and medals is unrivalled. Our experience means that when you purchase from 1MECTO, you’ll have a great service, unbeatable prices and good product knowledge. We offer engraving service on all of our trophies, medals and awards. We work closely with our customers to give them the highest satisfaction. We provide our buyers with superior trophy service and products with the highest quality at the lowest prices available, making us your best trophies and awards choice. We can include your club, school or company logo in any award or trophy you buy from us. Simply attach a file of your logo with the order confirmation.

Engraving plates

The advantage of these plates is the work precision, the wide range of colours and all the variants of writing (fonts and vignettes). The plates are made of special aluminum.


The standard shapes of pennants are triangle or pentagon size 13x18cm. With this technology, it is possible to apply a colour image. The minimum order is one piece. Manufacturing time is from 3 working days.


At your request, we can manufacture special centers with the logo or image of your choice. The order price calculation for each specific case is made individually.


Pins and badges are made on a special self-adhesive polymer on which is applied an image. After applying the image and some drying time, the pins are covered with resin.

Laser or mechanical engraving

Depending on the used material we carry out laser or mechanical engravings. You are free to choose any trophy, award or cup you like and order an engraving with the text or image of your choice.

Textile application

We can also apply images or text to textiles such as t-shirts, tracksuits, etc.


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