Soccer is the most popular sport with the largest number of spectators and fans. Our company manufactures and distributes a wide range of football trophy cups, soccer medals, soccer awards, as well as a full range of services, logo and text printing, engraving on medals and trophy cups, stickers. At 1mecto you will find all that is needed for the organization of soccer competitions and tournaments: football trophy cups, medals for football championships, soccer figurines, soccer shoe, goalkeeper gloves. Find out our soccer trophy cups, soccer trophies and medals, for players, clubs, teams and coaches.


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prestige cup
Prestige Trophy Cup 65-01-02-03-04-11

Prestige trophy cup antique amphora-shaped available in several sizes. Gold metal bowl with handles, gold stem on black plastic base. Perfect for your sport competitions, tournaments or events. Choose from our standard engraving plates and figures featuring your sport or activity.

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Size : 46 CM,

Diameter : 13 cm,

Plate : 95x45mm


Price : RUB4,490.00

46 CM 13 cm 95x45mm 65-01-11 RUB4,490.00

Size : 52 CM,

Diameter : 15 cm,

Plate : 105x50mm


Price : RUB5,850.00

52 CM 15 cm 105x50mm 65-02-11 RUB5,850.00

Size : 57 CM,

Diameter : 17 cm,

Plate : 115x50mm


Price : RUB6,910.00

57 CM 17 cm 115x50mm 65-03-11 RUB6,910.00

Size : 66 CM,

Diameter : 19 cm,

Plate : 120x50mm


Price : RUB8,670.00

66 CM 19 cm 120x50mm 65-04-11 RUB8,670.00